Florence-Darlington Technical College

Setting up your FDTC Student account / forgot my password

1.      Navigate to https://outlook.office.com.

a.      If you see a different Office 365 listed, Click “Use another account”.

b.      If your FDTC Student Account is visible for selection, click the 3 vertical dots and choose “Forget” then click “Use Another Account”

c.      Click on the link that reads “Can’t access your account?”

d.      If prompted for the account type, choose “Work or School”.
















2.      When prompted, enter your student email address (firstname.lastname#@student.fdtc.edu)

a.      If you do not know your FDTC student email address you can call 843-661-8123 ext. 2 and a FDTC IT technician will assist you with account information

b.      Complete the Captcha, then click Next.














3.      Next you will be presented with a list of personal communication methods including the personal email address that is on file for your student record with FDTC along with other communication choices if available.

a.      Choose a contact method from the list by selecting the radio button beside the option you wish to use, and follow the steps provided on screen to verify your account.

                                                              i.      After receiving your email, text or telephone call code please enter it on the next screen.


4.      After verifying your identity, set a new password for your account.

a.      Password Complexity – New Passwords must meet the following criteria:

                                                              i.      At least 3 of the following:

·        Upper case character

·        Lower case character

·        Number

·        Special character

                                                            ii.      At least 8 characters (alphanumeric – upper and lowercase letters, numbers and/or special characters)

                                                          iii.      User must wait two days between password resets

                                                          iv.      Password MUST NOT be a password that you have used within the last 6 resets


b.      You will use this password for all FDTC systems. Microsoft logins require your full email address as the username while all others require only up to the number. The following is a list of our most popular systems and their required username format:






Quick links on www.fdtc.edu

FDTC Office 365 Email and Office


Student menu on www.fdtc.edu

Desire2Learn (D2L)


Student menu on www.fdtc.edu

Etrieve Central / FDTC Forms


Navigate to https://central.fdtc.edu

Computers and WiFi on campus


On campus

*please remember to enter your usernames in all lowercase at all times








5.      Once you set your password, you will see the message below. Click on the “click here” link to login using your new credentials.

6.      You may be prompted to enter additional information when logging in for the first time. Click Next to continue the setup.













7.      Review the information presented and make any necessary modifications. Once you are done, click “looks good” at the bottom.

8.      You may be prompted to reduce the number of times you are asked to sign in. It is recommended to select “No” if you are using a public device, such as a library computer.

9.      After verifying your information, you will be logged into your email account. Your accounts are now fully setup and ready for use.